Load test a webpage without any test tools

How would you load test a webpage without using any test tools?

My initial thoughts:
Write a script to create millions of virtual users to open the webpage at the same time. Then we measure the response time and see if the server would be down. We can increase the number of users to arbitrary large number to get the maximum load of the system.

Load testing helps to identify a web application’s maximum operating capacity, as well as any bottlenecks that may interfere with its performance. Similarly, it can check how an application responds to variations in load.
To perform load testing, we must first identify the performance-critical scenarios and the
metrics which fulfill our performance objectives. Typical criteria include:

  • response time
  • throughput
  • resource utilization
  • maximum load that the system can bear

Then, we design tests to simulate the load, taking care to measure each of these criteria. In the absence of formal testing tools, we can basically create our own. For example, we could simulate concurrent users by creating thousands of virtual users. We would write a multi-threaded program with thousands of threads, where each thread acts as a real-world user loading the page. For each user, we would programmatically measure response time, data I/O, etc.
We would then analyze the results based on the data gathered during the tests and compare it with the accepted values.


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