Allocate a two dimensional array using one call of malloc in C

Write a function called my2DAlloc which allocates a two dimensional array. Minimize the number of calls to malloc and make sure that the memory is accessible by the notation arr[i][j].

We will use one call to malloc.
Allocate one block of memory to hold the row vector and the array data. The row vector will reside in rows * sizeof(int*) bytes. The integers in the array will take up another rows * cols * sizeof(int) bytes.
Constructing the array in a single malloc has the added benefit of allowing disposal of the array with a single free call rather than using a special function to free the subsidiary data blocks.

int** My2DAlloc(int rows, int cols) {
	int header = rows * sizeof(int*);
	int data = rows * cols * sizeof(int);
	int** rowptr = (int**)malloc(header + data);
	int* buf = (int*)(rowptr + rows);
	int k;
	for (k = 0; k < rows; ++k) {
		rowptr[k] = buf + k*cols;
	return rowptr;

Here is a demo:


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